Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wrap Magazine Issue 4

SO excited about Wrap Magazine's issue 4. We participated a little bit in this issue, I'll write more about it soon. But take a flip through........

You can now subscribe to Wrap, go here. And if you do, you can receive a set of letterpress printed gift tags printed by us, as well as their awesome tote! I wrapped all my Christmas presents this past season with Wrap, it is so amazing, beautifully printed and the content is fantastic! Ok, ok, I'll stop gushing... (but I love it!)


  1. Your work is beautiful! I found an image of a bear with nature weaved throughout her on pinterest. I thought it would be perfect for my post. I love to promote artists (my family is full of them) Please let me know if it is not ok to use your image. I would hate to offend you. Best wishes, your stuff is amazing!