Friday, June 7, 2013

more about blackbird

If you want to see more about Blackbird, please check out our instagram page and (follow us too!)

Friday, January 25, 2013

NYIGF booth 7211

The holidays are over and it's a new year. We're sharing a booth with wonderfully talented Pistachio Press at NYIGF. Booth #7211.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

repurpose all those Christmas cards

So it's post Christmas and what are you going to do with all those Christmas cards you received? How about cut them up, fold, glue, and make an ornament for next year or for hanging around the house all year long. Here's a link on how to make an icosahedron ornament- instructions with photos step by step. It's over at Larks and Japes. Have you checked it out yet? It's an awesome bog that posts all about small event/gatherings, how to, inspiration, and they even have items for sale to help you make the event special.

Or if you want the circles already cut out for you with an assortment of printed pieces, you can buy one of our kits here. They're only $6 and have made us very happy making them this season. :)

If you make an icosahedron, send us a pic. We'd love to share it!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

State notebook & necklace sets- NY & NJ charity

 We have collaborated with Mimosa by m.e. here in our muggy city of Baton Rouge, LA and have created the state notebook & necklace set. So far we have created NY, NJ, LA, IL, & AL. We were making the NY version about the time that Hurricane Sandy blew through the east coast. So we decided to also make NJ and to give 50% of the sale of the NY and NJ sets to charity. So far we have given to the Red Cross and to the Humane Society for Hurricane Sandy relief. We believe we gotta take care of each other. Check out Poppytalk's post about the project.

Each set contains 1 recycled handmade notebook and state pendant with chain. The notebook was designed, illustrated, letterpress printed, and constructed by Blackbird Letterpress. The cover shows the map of the continental US with the focus state shaded. The state's name, nicknames, year it became a state, state bird and state flower (with small illustrations), capitol, and highest point are listed. Each measures 4.5"x7" and has 72 recycled blank pages inside. The pendants are handmade by Mimosa and vary in size depending on state, usually around 3/4". Each pendant is made from recycled bronze and comes with a 16" antiqued bronzed chain. All pendants have their own unique patina and no two are alike.

Want to see your state? Let us know, comment below or send us an email to If we get enough requests we'll make it! Find them in our etsy shop, or Mimosa's shop.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Poppytalk Lookbook

I'm always a sucker for Poppytalk's Lookbook each market. What a beautiful job they do. A super online magazine/catalog/gift guide. And this one is perfect for the holidays. Still need the perfect gift? Check out the holiday Poppytalk Market here.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

second storie and Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!

If you're in the Rochester, NY area come see us at second storie indie craft market, Saturday, November 24.

and check out our Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale in our etsy shop, 20% off select items.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012