Monday, April 23, 2012

Blackbird Wedding Collection... finally!!

Finally, here it is, the Blackbird Wedding Collection!

We've been working steady to develop our newest Blackbird letterpress wedding designs, each ready for your customization. Throughout the years we have focused mainly on custom letterpress wedding design but we now offer 6 new designs from which to choose from. You can find more photos, as well as pricing list and customization info at our updated website. Take a minute to look around while you're there, we've freshened it up a bit.

 Coastal Suite. For those who love the water. We do spend a lot of time on the coast and the sea is life.

Celebration Suite. Weddings are truly celebrations of life and love. Celebrate in style.

Paper Crane Suite. Cranes are symbols of happiness, good luck, wisdom, and longevity. The Paper Crane gives loyalty and peace.

Oak Suite. The Live Oak tree is a symbol of strength. Wherever you are getting married, the oak will stand for love. Custom illustrated city maps are available for reply cards and save the date cards.

Tuscany Suite. For the love of the landscape, the vista, and the sense of place with a hint of lavender for devotion.

Vintage Lace Suite. A touch of elegance and grace for a special day to remember always.

Other pieces are available such as save the date cards and thank you cards. And for the 1st person to order a set, we'll give you a 20% discount off the invitations. Just remind us where you saw this and give us the code "newblackbirdwedding". (discount will be given for invitations only and upon when the deposit has been received).
And since we are in a sale mood, we are offering 20% off of our stationery and other goodies at, enter the code SPRING2012 in the coupon space, good through May 5, 2012.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wrap Magazine Collaboration

Wow, I'm writing this later than I had planned, but, hey, that means I'm busy in the studio huh? :)

I had an incredible opportunity a couple months back to work with Wrap Magazine. I wrote a little in a previous post. But I wanted to share a bit more.  (Read more about our collaboration in a blog post by Wrap)

I discovered Wrap from a tweet by Grace of Design*Sponge last summer, I think. And I immediately ordered issues 1 & 2. I couldn't wait until issue 3 and it was no disappointment. Polly & Chris sent me an email as they were planning issue 4. (I am a huge fan and was completely thrilled!) The theme of the issue is inspired by North America (Wrap is out of the UK) and they had a few questions about letterpress for an article. Chris had the great idea of letterpress printing the title of the article and I can't much resist getting my hands into moveable type. Though we don't have much wood type, I do have a bunch of lead type, lots of sizes and shapes. I found some ornaments and some good typefaces and set it the type, locked up the Vandercook, printed, and then photographed.

Wrap is now available as a subscription and so during the conversation we discussed how fun it would be to offer a free gift to the 1st 150 subscribers. And, gift tags compliment wrapping paper perfectly. Chris sent me the sweet raccoon illustration, we printed the tags, and packaged them in sets of 3. 

Issue four is brilliantly written and full of amazing illustrators as well as other interesting finds. The paper is luscious and the printing is rich. The wrapping paper side of the pages is so good you will almost want to hang it on the wall instead of using it for wrapping. I wrapped all the Christmas gifts I gave this last year in Wrap, and I have to admit, the paper made it quite special. 

It was also great to discover one of my very favorite illustrators, Julia Pott, inside the issue! (she's in the US via the UK). Check out Wrap Magazine if you haven't already. It's worth the wait of overseas shipping, it's affordable, and one of the best new magazines out there today.

Links to others in the article: ink meets paper, Inkwell Boutique (a shop I so so want to visit!), and YeeHaw Industries.
Wrap's blog post about our collaboration, is here.

And if that's not all enough, they sell single sheets of wrapping paper in "wrap packs" (also comes with a card and tape shapes), super awesome taps shapes (great alternative to boring scotch tape), and tote bags! check out their shop, here.