Thursday, November 10, 2011

Datebook Project {Labor of Love}

Almost a year ago, Hope from Gutwrench Press and I had a conversation about the perfect datebook. We both used them. She always made her own. I would buy one but used it for weeks at a time and then did not for a couple of weeks. At the end of the year, I always had a datebook that was half filled but no longer useable. So we decided to design our version of the perfect datebook, letterpress printed, of course. We collected vintage book covers over the last months, printed the pages, cut, folded and coptic bound together. And I am so proud to introduce them today.

The pages were first printed with handset type on the Vandercook SP-15. Soon the realization came(duh!), if we were really going to print pages for 100 books, having to move the type off the press everytime we needed to use it for something else, any cost effective printing was thrown out the window. And honestly, by this point the project had become a labor of love more than about making a buck.

After printing nearly half the pages with hand set type and vintage printer cut images, we had plates made for the remainder of the pages. Still printed on the Vandercook, but now we could easily move the type (or in this case, plate on a base) off the press in order to print other jobs. Hundreds and hundreds of pages were printed, front and back. Does someone really need letterpress printed interior pages? Well, that's for you to decide. (printers cut images range from owls, typewriters, bulls, telephones, bikes, cats, boats, and more)

Each datebook is coptic bound using vintage hardback book covers as the covers.  If there was a library card in the back of the original book, we have included it in the datebook. If it did not come with one, we've attached a small pocket reminiscent to the library pockets. The pages list each day of the week, but no months or years. So if you don't write in it for a week, you can pick up right where you left off. Every datebook comes with a 2012 calendar in the back and an attached ribbon bookmark. Included are 59 weeks and 12 blank pages at the back for notes etc. Size: 4 1/8" x 6" fitting perfectly in a purse or knap sack. Each one is pretty much one of a kind. No two covers are alike. So when they are sold, they are gone. We will be adding several new ones each week for the next several months. You can find them at blackbird's etsy shop and more at gutwrench's etsy shop. So check them both out.

I use mine all the time. The size is good and it feels awesome to upcycle some beautiful book covers!