Saturday, February 18, 2012

beyond Atlanta

It's hard for me to believe it's now mid-February and festival season in Louisiana {though no parades for me this year (too much on my to do list) }. But it is. Atlanta and the AmericasMart seem like they were yesterday but it's now been a month. I had a blast with Rachael of Pistachio Press in our 7+ days in trade show mode. To talk shop everyday, every minute, well..... that was pure heaven for me. A good reminder how important it is to stay in touch and close to your letterpress peeps and good friends.

We learned a lot, met some amazing people (Katie-Concrete Lace, Elizabeth-Cherry Laurel, Meg, and more) and honestly had a blast. Food was great (there are incredible restaurants in Atlanta- try Cafe Sunflower (vegetarian, I could eat there everyday) & Wrecking Bar especially). Our hotel was homey and Ikea,  Whole Foods, Home Depot, and craft stores were easily accessible for all last minute trade show needs. I had heard such horror traffic stories but with Rachael as my navigator we conquered the roads!

Blackbird and Pistachio products complimented each other and we were happy how the booth came out. And more than anything, we had a blast! Now time to think about the National Stationery Show, whew, so much to prepare.......

a few other friends we met: Treat, Ancesserie, Rachel Brown Fowler. All beautiful work!

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