Monday, August 13, 2012

more from the Ladies of Letterpress Conference

Alyson Kuhn, over at Felt and Wire has written a wonderful post about the Ladies of Letterpress conference. Great thoughts from Judith Berliner, and you can take a peek at our table in the printers' fair! See all the pics and read more about it here.

(from the post at felt & wire)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Typewriter

We all love the typewriter, right? I can't get enough. I have 5, my most used being the Hermes Rocket. I also have my mom's typewriter that she took to college back in 1965. There is nostalgia and charm in every one. Personally I love the idea of portable communication.

Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine is writing a book about the typewriter! 

<<---  The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine  --->> 

And here's where you come in, you can help contribute to the funding to make this book happen!

Janine has started a funding campaign, and you can contribute on the website, from $5- $1000 (or more!). Check out the whole story here. She has put together a great video as well. The full color hardback book will be filled with vintage graphics from advertisements to artifacts. A true tribute to the beautiful machine.


And with all that said, I did write Janine a fan email about how excited I was about the upcoming book. And I probably told her about my own typewriter collection and also about the series of woodcuts I started several years ago of ladies at the typewriter. She has posted them on the Uppercase blog! check them out here. Thanks Janine! Cannot wait until the book is out!!!


You can also see other of my fine art at the blackbird website here

Never seen Uppercase magazine? It is to me the best printed piece of love out there today. Full of the creative and curious, it is printed full color on luscious paper. A true tactile experience, if not more a visual explosion. You can view inside the latest issue at the link above. I'm not sure what I'd do these days if I didn't receive an issue 4 times a year. You can order one issue or subscribe. Uppercase also publishes wonderful books, Lisa Congdon's Collection a day, Camilla Engman, Dottie Angel....... And I absolutely appreciate the fact that this magazine will never be read on the IPad or other hand held device, it will remain a truly physical experience. ok, enough with the gushing.....