Saturday, June 4, 2011

Roadside Attraction #1

Today, I start the roadside attraction project. And though this one is best described as a "boatside" attraction, it fits my definition.

A roadside attraction is described as a stop along the road with something of interest. To give you a break on a roadtrip, or offer something visually unusual or inspiring. That's my definition anyway. But to go further, so many things can provide these moments, breaks from the roadtrip of life, from architecture to nature, technology to cultural customs, and especially art.

The first Roadside Attraction I offer is a lone oak tree in the middle of the south Louisiana marsh/coast. There is an amazing area of the marsh called Pointe aux Chenes, (one translation means "oak point"). There are no oaks left here, but this one sweet little tree, on a small island, growing next to an old hurricane ravaged fishing camp. As you have heard, we lose precious marshland, one hundred acres everyday. The trees are mostly gone and now there is more and more water, ocean coming into what once was more fresh water than saltwater. It is still an amazing place for bird watching, boat riding, kayaking, and fishing. It's a bit muddy, with beautiful tall bright green grass. The birds range from sleek black to snow white to hot pink. There is beauty here that is none like I have ever seen. Since the oil spill last year, we've been watching, anxious about what they will discover tomorrow or next year. The invisible threat has not finished it's course. The oil may have dissipated, but it has not disappeared.

postscript: this little tree was the inspiration for the oak tree paper cut I made for David as a wedding present in 2010.

postpostscript: I'd like to say this little project will be a regular post. But I will admit that I am unsure how people find time to do this. ;) Running a business seems to consume all time. But I will promise to try. Have a great weekend!

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