Sunday, May 1, 2011

confluence show, LeMieux Galleries, part 2

Finally I am back to post pics of the show installed. In my world it was a success, made some sales and received good feedback. Christy and Denise at LeMieux Galleries are awesome to work with and now it's time to think about the next work to make. (oh yeah, but the stationery show is less than 2 weeks, so I'll start thinking soon...).

Birds and Bear originally was a paper cut, but here it has been laser cut out of steel and powder coated bone white. Her skirt is a part of the Baton Rouge skyline, an area we call Exxon city. She measures about 9' tall.

The Security Bears in the radial piece are die cut security envelopes with hand drawn faces and other drawings or media.

The Great Outdoors is the one with the raccoons in the rain. One is ominous, showing his teeth, while the other cares more about the drops. Each raccoon is made of silk with hand stitching and machine sewn drawing. The raindrops are powder coated, laser cut steel. Baited (pelican) is hand cut paper (a shrimp boat in her belly), and the Hesitation (with the two facing Nutrias) is also cut paper, a redwinged blackbird perched on a tail.

If you've seen the Grizzly Bear hug that we sell, you'll recognize the bears here. Lookout and Love are die cut, letterpress printed, with mixed media (hand cut paper, book pages, type writing). Peeking around the corner, he's watching....

The rays are powder coated laser cut steel, with painted texture. The water is hand cut Japanese paper. The drawing on the wall is a simple cross section of waves. Whaler is hand cut paper and drawing. The Pelicans are called Knotted, holding a love knot between them (it's really a "jury rig" knot).

Glorious, is relief printed on silk, hand appliqued on cotton relief printed raindrops, with crewel embroidery and machine sewn drawing. Stormed is steel, with two red foxes stormed in conflict.

Check out LeMieux Galleries, here. Photos are by Brian Baiamonte.

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