Thursday, April 7, 2011

welcome to the new blog!

Well welcome y'all. I have decided to branch out and start another blog, with all the time I have. ;) (These days I like to say I have -15 hours a week, I totally think I'm going backwards) I'll continue the tumblr blog with photos etc. But here I'll write more. Not too much, because, really, there are too many good people with better and more interesting things to say out there in the blog world. I'll leave that to them. But here I will show a little more about what we do in the printshop. Maybe some art here and there and roadside attractions. I love roadside attractions, sometimes I feel like I live in one. I guess I technically lived in one when I was in my twenties, Yellowstone N'tl Park. (Oh how I miss that place, but I digress....) Come back and visit! This is the first post, thanks for reading.

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